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To have the most beautiful wedding, it’s not just about the perfect dress. Nowadays, weddings turned into this big extravagant fiesta, where the bride and groom are trying to win the guests approval and good reviews. Well that is really important, but what if you can be in a win win situation, have the wedding that suits your personality and make everyone get goose bumps from the magnificent surroundings done by the delicate, refined touches of someone who will not only be your best friend during all the preparation process but will enter your minds to create for you THE wedding of your dreams that will scream you name ,you’ll feel that it’s a Made to measure wedding aiming to please you firstly and off course will be the it wedding of the season. 

The city is full of wedding planners but you have to choose wisely, because the event planner I’m introducing has more to offer than any other. The typical wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning and management of a client's wedding and here is the distinction because this particular event planner will replace you and will enter your mind to shape and style your wedding to perfection that you will truly believe that you did it on your own, because of his creativity, and powerful methods to translate your desires, and ideas into a real life fairy tale wedding.

He is the one and only Robert Hykl. When I sat down with him and started talking I really felt touched by his passion and enthusiasm towards the event planning, he really takes it seriously and the same time in an energetic way that made me realize that this must be his secret to success. In little time he was able to bring and give events a character and depth that no other event manager gave on the Lebanese scene, going through pictures of events and wedding he organized I really fell in love with his innovative fresh and elegant idea rich with little details that made the big differences and gave each and every moment a singular feel relevant to the host making a great impact on the guest list.

I can go on and on for several pages praising his works and creative mind but you will truly get captivated when you check the picture gallery because it really is as colorful and elegant as it can be , for the perfect wedding or reception he is the go to man. A visionary that will transform your craziest idea into the perfect set up that will only be praised by your guest.

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