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The world is filled with so much corruption, violence, etc. among many other terrible disasters we have to face daily. Voices are raised every day, particularly on social media. We've seen fights for drugs, diseases, revolts for peace, etc. Lebanese citizens have participated in various campaigns across the years, and October has been known to be breast cancer awareness month for long. Having a cancer situations in my family, I decided to focus on this particular one for now. 

A great collaboration between a cancer survivor, blogger, planner, photographer, jeweler and florist was put in place. 

The purpose of this alliance is to raise awareness for a cause, breast cancer; among many others,  that tends to be buried under so much political nonsense.

People tend to say men cannot sympathize with women who are suffering from breast cancer; we decided to prove them wrong. We are calling all men to join forces and show support on this cause by encouraging their partner, lover, relative to test theirselves regularly.

“My idea was to raise awareness in my own way. And, being a wedding planner, the idea of a bridal journey just felt like the perfect scenario. Tracy Ghazal, Farah Benni, Danielle Haddad and I brainstormed for a cause and came up with an end of the month awareness campaign.” 

"The More You Plan, the Less You Fear".

Photography by: Farah Benni
Hair by: Georges El Mendelek, Simon El Mendelek

Dress: Oscar de la Renta, Atelier Blanc Beirut 

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